Ariel 235lbs.This WAS Ariel Saint Hilaire. Stubborn as could be, loved his food, and often became angry if he didn't have it his way! Burger King, Boston market, Pollo tropical, and other fast food were a weakness for him. He was extremely active, and ate whatever he wanted because he always "burned it off".

Until one day, "I bent over to tie my shoes and I had to literally move my belly out of the way, so that I could reach my feet. This is when I knew I had to change!"









 2007 @ 247 lbs.

2009 @237 lbs.

Ariel after pictureLike Ariel and I, many people come up with excuses to justify the way they treat themselves. They try fad diets, starve themselves, fast, and even result to diet pills and surgery just to make up for their behavior. Health is more than just how you eat. It's a balance between mind, body and soul. Once you reach balance, then you can live life happily and free. A healthy lifestyle will make you happy and whole, give you peace, confidence, and an over all sense of well being. The weight loss is just a bonus! Everyone is different, and have different necessities in health and their nutrition. I will find what best works for you, your body and mind. Just like Ariel, I can coach you as well and get you the results you want!

2011 @ 187 lbs.