Posted on March 26, 2013

What do you have to say about your experience on the detox? Leave a comment below!


Submitted by Marissa Martinez (not verified) on

Keyla is a great Holistic Health Coach! She's very knowledgeable and personable. Her detox was amazing and changed my life. I am no longer addicted to coffee and crave more nutritious foods. I plan to continue coaching with her to further my nutrition benefits. It is a lifestyle change and I'm grateful for the opportunity to finally fulfill my life with all the health and spiritual benefits. She will always stay by your side and guide you along the way!

Submitted by Candy LMT (not verified) on

I had a very positive experience with the Full body detox, thanks to Keyla, she was very informative, compassionate and helpful! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Submitted by Lauren Murphy (not verified) on

Keyla is an amazing and experienced Holistic Health coach. She not only helped improve my diet, but introduced me to the Full Body Detox. I had never felt so healthy and energized as I did after the detox. She has a very calming presence, and was extremely helpful throughout the entire experience. My health has drastically improved since I've met Keyla and I'm very thankful!

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